NE/03 : 07 days Fascinating Majauli, Tea gardens and Wildlife

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Featuring :

Majauli Island Jhorat heritage tea bungalows, Kaziranga National park and Gibbon WLS

Explore the world heritage Kaziranga National Park by jeep and on Elephant back, Close encounters with the Great Indian one horned Rhino, and wild Indian Elephants Swamp Deer, Asiatic Water buffalo, and a host of animals are assured.

Visit the Gibbon wild life sanctuary to see six different types of monkeys including the Hoolak Gibbon- the only Ape found in india. At Majauli, the World’s largest river island, experience a fascinating river crossing, See Mhishing, Deori, Chutias and Sonoalkachari tribals, and stay at a Mishing tribal abode hosted by the local community.

Visit a Satra (Hindu Vaishnava monastery). Explore the shoreline in a country boat and watch glorious sunsets. At Jorhat, visit a tea garden and stay at a heritage tea bungalow.


Day 01: Arrive Jorhat by air from Kolkata and drive to a Tea Estate

Arrive Jorhat at mid day and drive to heritage tea bungalow for overnight.

Day 02: Jorhat – at a Tea Estate


Spend the day exploring tea garden and factory and nearby village. Overnight at Tea bungalow.

Day 03: Tea Estate- Nimati ghat- Majuli


Drive to Nimati Ghat in 45 minutes. Cross the mighty Brahmaputra River by ferry to Majauli Island (Kamlabari ghat) in 1.30 hrs.

Majauli is famous as the world’s largest river Island. But it is really more interesting, for its 22 satras – Hindu Vaishnava monastries that are also centres for the arts. At the satras, Lord Vishnu is worshipped through dance dramas re-enacting the stories of the Mahabharata, with music and poetry.

Explore the Island, Visit a Satra and tribal villages. Overnight stay at a community home run by the Mishing tribe – a unique property constructed exactly like a Mishing tribal house out of Bamboo and thatch; with modern toilets.

Day 04: Majauli exploration


Explore the island with a local guide. See locals engaged in riverine agriculture, fishing, weaving and pottery making Explore the shoreline in a country boat for water birds, and watch the breathtaking sunset on the great river. Overnight at Community home.

Day 05: Majuli – Gibbon WLS – Kaziranga NP


Drive to Kamlabari to take the ferry departing at 0830. Continue drive to The Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary, which is named after the Hoolock gibbon – the only ape found in the Indian sub continent. At Gibbon WLS; six different types of monkeys are found on the same platform. These are the Hoolock gibbon, Capped langur, Slow loris, Stump-tailed macaque, Pig-tailed macaque, and the common Rhesus monkeys. The park also has elephants, leopard, wild pigs, sambar deer, hugori deer, pythons, giant squirrel and small palm squirrel etc. This Wildlife Sanctuary is very rich in different types of trees, plants and orchids.

In the Afternoon drive to The World Heritage Kaziranga National Park, which has more than 70% of the world’s one-horned rhino population, 70% of the world population of the Eastern Swamp Deer and 75% of the world’s wild Asiatic water buffalo.

It has a significant population of the Asian Elephant. Close encounters with the Great Indian one horned Rhino, and wild Indian Elephants Swamp Deer, Asiatic Water buffalo, and a host of animals are assured.

The Park also has more than 450 species of birds, 18 of them are globally threatened species. The Bengal Florican is the main attraction.

Day 06: Kaziranga


Early morning Elephant safari for one horned Rhino and other animals. Thereafter take two wild life safaris by jeep in the outlying ranges of the park. Overnight at hotel / lodge.

Day 07: Kaziranga- Jorhat

Drive to Jorhat 100 kms in 1.30 hrs, to board your departure flight to Kolkata.
Sibsagar Add-on : Extra one day on request.




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