NE/26 : 21 days The Grand Nagaland Tribal Adventure

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Designed as a driving cum walking exploration of tribal habitat of Zailangrong, Kuki, Angami, Chakasang, Yimchungur, Sangtam, Sema. Chang and Konyak tribes.The tour starts from Dimapur airport and takes you to Benrue’s untouched wilderness, pristine forests of Dzuleke, the idyllic Dzukou valley with its unique flora, the Trogopan Sanctuary, the “Green” Village of Khonoma, with its fascinating agricultural practices, and the cosmopolitan capital city of Kohi.

Thereafter; we take a journey off the beaten track exploring the remoter and unpronounceable exotic villages of Pfuseromi, Thetsumi, Tsepfumi, Jamai, Pungro, Mimi, Kiphire, Tuensang, and Mon. Finally we end up amongst the tea gardens of Dibrugarh in Assam.

The Tour is suitable for singles, couples and foursomes and involves three nights living in very basic lodgings.


Day 01 : Fly Kolkata to Dimapur

Arrive Dimapur Airport from Kolkata,Upon arrival met by your Naga Guide.

We shall visit Diezephe village This village is otherwise known as ‘craft village’ as many families make their living by engaging themselves in producing handicrafts. Explore the village, meet the local craftsmen. You may also visit sales outlet and pick up souvenirs.Overnight Nuone resort 10 Kms from Dimapur.

Day 02 : Noune Resort to Benreu, 1950m. (4/5 hours)


Drive to Benreu village, Enroute visit Pelekie village to see the traditional way of making salt.

Benreu is nestled on the ridge leading to Mt Pauna – the third highest mountain in Nagaland. It, is home to the Zeliangrong and Kuki tribes. The area contains untouched nature at its best. Fauna, birds, and diverse flora abound.

Upon arrival visit traditional tribal morung, (Boys dormitory), and house decorated with hunting trophies. In the evening witness some indigenous games. Overnight at the Mount Pauna Community Village Resort. Stay in cottages of Naga design.

Day 03 : Trek Benreu – Mt. Pauna – Benreu

Today we shall trek to Mt. Pauna , 2460 m. You can expect to see wildlife, birds, herbal, and flora. Enjoy the bounty of nature, and your picnic lunch. Trek back to Benreu village. In the evening – a bonfire in one of the morungs with the locals where you will be served local brew. Overnight. Community resort.

Day 04 : Drive Benreu – Dzuleke – Khonoma 40km


Drive 40 kms to Khonoma, Enroute visit Dzuleke village – surrounded by pristine forests. Enjoy a traditional Naga lunch. Post lunch a chance to see Mithum the state animal leisurely grazing. Stop at places where we can see the valley where the Angami Nagas of Khonoma practice jhum cultivation. Khonoma is well known for fallow management of its Adler trees, which regenerates the soil due to nitrogen fixing element in the roots. See the beautiful terraces carved out of the hill slopes. These terraces grow an amazing 40 varieties of paddy at different elevations.
Upon arrival check in at your home stay and explore the village. Meet people. Overnight. Khonoma Home Stay.

Day 05 : Trek Khonoma – Dzukou

Today we shall trek 08 kms to Dzukou valley via Siekhakie. Dzukue is located at an altitude of 2438 m Its Emerald green rolling hills are a visual delight. The valley is fully covered with tough bamboo brush which from afar looks like a mown lawn.
Serpentine streams flow through the valley. In spring endemic species of rhododendrons bloom. Summer and monsoons are the time when hundreds of wild flowers bloom. Overnight at Dzukou in camp.

Day 06 : Trek Dzukou – Khonoma

The return 08 Kms trek to Khonoma is through Huparathi and Dihujhu. We will be passing through the Khonoma Nature conservation and Trogopan sanctuary (KNCTS) This is part of the Khonoma green village project, managed by the Village Tourism Board as a community conserved area. This project aims to conserve the Blyth’s Trogopan- an endangered pheasant of the state, as also many other endemic, endangered, vulnerable and rare species of plants and animals .You can expect to see or hear the Byths Tragopan the State bird.
In the evening we shall be entertained by some indigenous games kene, later you shall have be served local brew. Overnight. Khonoma. Home Stay.

Day 07 : Drive Khonoma – Kohima (20km)


Morning we shall explore Khonoma – ‘ the first green village of the country’. Khonoma village is also known for their fighting prowess, ever since the village stood up to the British in the year 1879. On your village tour you will come across ceremonial gates, Old houses, cairn circle, and meet local craftsmen- cane basket making, weaving etc. Thereafter, we shall drive to Kohima (20km).

Kohima the capital town is located at an altitude of 1444 metres. It is a cosmopolitan town for 16 major tribes with their diversity in dress,custom, language and tradition.
Upon arrival we shall visit the State Museum, local market, World War 2 cemetery, and handicraft Emporium. Overnight. Kohima. Hotel.

Day 11 : Drive Kohima – Thetsumi/6-7hrs

After breakfast drive to the Chakhasang Naga region. Enroute we shall stop at Pfuseromi village to explore some heritage houses decorated with wood carvings Drive to to Masolumi village where we will have traditional lunch, and a cultural presentation. Latter explore the village and meet people. Continue to Thetsumi Tourist Hut.

Day 12 : Drive Thetsumi – Tsepfumi – Jamai – Thetsumi

Today we shall first explore Thetsumi village which has a huge morung with human heads carved on the enterance.. Thereafter drive to Tsepfumi. This village leads in organic vegetable cultivation. Continue to Jamai village.

Here we will stop for a traditional lunch, followed by a hike in the ranges bordering Manipur state. Drive back to Thetsumi for overnight at Tourist hut.

Day 13. Drive Thetsumi- Pungro 200km/10-11hrs

Today we will spend the day on the road. The long journey will take us through differing topography and scenery, as we move to the domain of the Yimchungur Nagas. Overnight at Pungro Government Guest House.

Day 14 : Drive Pungro-Mimi. 70km 3-4hrs

Today we will drive to a group of remote villages- Longkhimong, Khongiri, and Mimi. All are off the beaten track and you have a chance at glimpsing remote tribal lifestyles. Numerous limestone caves, cliffs, waterfalls and rich flora and fauna surrounds Mimi village, one of the oldest in the area. Partake of traditional lunch, and. explore Mimi village, meeting people in their homes.

In the evening a cultural presentation. Overnight Mimi homestay (very basic).

Day 15: Drive Mimi- Pungro – Kiphire. 110km/ 6-7hrs.


Today drive back to Pungro, and continue drive to Kiphire – a small town, which is the headquarters of Yimchungur, Sangtam, and Sema tribes. Overnight homestay (very basic).

Day 16 : Drive Kiphire- Tuensang. 122km/8-9hrs

Today we drive to Tuensang the headquarter of the Chang Nagas. Enroute explore tribal villages. Over night at Tuensang Circiut House (Basic).

Day 17 : Tuensang – Mon


Drive Tuensang to Mon.(8-9 hrs due to rough road conditions). Overnight at Govt guest house.

Mon – The land of the Konyaks; well known for being former headhunters, It retains some of its traditional heritage.

It offers a good opportunity for finding semi-traditional villages and tattooed warriors in loincloths.

The main attraction in Mon is the remote geographical location, and the chance it affords to get a glimpse tribal life style.

Day 18 : Mon: exploration of Konayak tribal villages

Visit Konayak tribal villages of Mon, Chui, and Shangyu. Peep into lifestyles , see artisans and handicrafts and meet people. Overnight at Govt Guest house

Day 19 : Mon: Day Trip Shangnyu and Longwa


Day trip to Longwa Village ( Konyak tribe) located astride the Indo- Myanmar border. It is a difficult drive on a bad road and involves fording a river enroute At Longwa visit Angh’s house, explore the village and meet the locals.

The Angh’s house is bisected longitudinally by the border. Those sitting near the hearth will have half their body in Myanmar and the other half still in India. The Angh also has dozens of wives! And it is filled with trophies of various animal skulls. Return to Mon for Overnight at Government Guest house.

Day 20 : Mon – Dibrugarh

Drive Mon to Dibrugarh in 6-7 hrs ( transit Halt). Overnight hotel or Tea Bungalow.

Day 21 : Departure from Dibrugarh

Transfer from hotel to the airport, for your departure. Fly from Mohanbari Airport to Kolkata, Guwahati or New Delhi.




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