NE 53: 17 days Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur and Nagaland

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Many of our clients have been asking for compact regional tours for North East India. We have designed four exotic regional tours spanning all the North East States.

Each tour covers 3-4 states as per geographical convenience in less than 3 weeks. A memorable experience is assured.


Day 01 to 06: Tripura

Fly into Agartala, from Delhi, Kolkata or Guwahati, to this tiny isolated state with its tranquil and pollution free countryside, its lush green hills, with bio- diverse flora and fauna, verdant valleys and scenic lakes . Tripura has several diverse ethno-linguistic groups, which has given rise to a composite culture. The dominant cultures are Bengali, Tripuris, Manipuri, Reang, with smattering of fourteen more tribes.At Agratala you get to visit the Ujjayanta Palace, the State Museum, and explore the handicraft bazaar with its exquisite bamboo and cane products and weaves.

Next drive on a 200 kms circuit with an overnight stay at the enchanting NeerMahal Palace in the middle of Rudrasagar Lake. Visit Kamala Sagar, Kalyan Sagar and Rudrasagar lakes, and Udaipur- the temple town famous for the Tripura Sundri Temple dating back to 1501. Also explore wildlife and nature at Sepahijala Wild Life Park, and Tepania Eco Park. The rare spectacled monkey, 150 species of residential birds, botanical gardens, rubber and coffee plantations, orchidarium, and a cactus house, are on view.

On Day 04, the second leg of your Tripura tour will take you on a 170 kms drive to visit the fascinating rock cut at Unakoti Hill, believed to date back to the 8th century. While the rock carvings, murals with their primitive beauty form the chief attraction, natural beauty including mountain scenery and waterfalls are an added bonus.

On day 05 you travel 95 Kms to reach Vangmun, in the scenic Jampui Hills, inhabited by Mizo and Reang tribes. explore the tribal villages, and their orange orchards, do some soft trekking, and view great sunrise and sunsets.

Day 07- 10: Mizoram

On Day 07 we will drive 153 kms along a lonely road through forested hills to Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, which is situated at a altitude of 1300 m. The town is the political, cultural and religious centre of the Mizos. It stands somewhat precariously on a razor like ridge, like a huge citadel. Take in the unique atmosphere, and meet the friendly people.

Over a period of three days you get to explore the countryside, driving along a 210 kms circuit. Visit the idyllic town of Thenzawl; to witness the weaving skills of the Mizos, walk to the 750 feet high Vantawng waterfalls. Drive to Sailsuk Village to explore the rural lifestyles by taking a soft trek .

Visit Hmnuifang mountain covered with virgin forest, abounding in varieties of flora and fauna. Continue the drive to Reiek mountain, where a typical Mizo village has been recreated to show case Mizo heritage which was lost during two decades of insurgency.
Visit Zo Khua (model Mizo Village), Zopar ((Floriculture Farm) and walk upto Reiek mountain top (Reiek Tlang) for panoramic views.

Day 11-13: Manipur

From Reiek drive for 02 hrs to Lengpui Airport, which serves Mizoram. Take a 40 minutes flight to Tulihal Airport, in the Imphal ( Manipur) Valley. Manipur, is a little Shangarila, endowed by nature’s bounty. The oval shaped valley is surrounded by blue green hills, with its rivers and lakes, exotic blooms, and diverse flora. It is rich in art and culture. The people of Manipur Valley are primarily Meitei, whearas Nagas, Kuki, and Mizos, inhabit the surrounding hills. These are the people whose folklore, myths and legends, dances, indigenous games and martial arts, exotic handlooms and handicrafts will fascinate you.

Our two and a half day tour to Manipur is packed with sights, and experiences to remember. In Imphal, you will visit the atmospheric Khwairamband Bazaar – manned by 3,000 or more “Imas” or mothers, it is a wanderers delight, selling an amazing variety of goods.

The Khonghampat Orchidarium covers 200 acres and houses over 110 rare varieties of orchids,. Shree Shree Govindajee Temple is a historic Vaishnavite centre. Twin domes, a paved courtyard, and a large raised congregation hall form a perfect backdrop for priests who descend the steps, to accept offerings from devotees in the courtyard. The serene and well maintained Imperial War Graves World War 2, cemetery commemorates the memories of the British and Indian soldiers who died during the World War II, whilst the Kangla Fort , once the centre of Manipur’s power till 1891, is regarded as the historical embodiment of Manipur rulers and has an emotional place in the heart and mind of the people of Manipur.

On a day trip visit the battlefield sites of World War 2. Most visitors are not aware that Manipur was the gateway for the Japanese invasion of India from Burma. The invading force included the Indian National Army (INA), lead by Subhash Chander Bose. The INA Museum at Moirang is located, at a historic site where the INA first planted its flag on Indian soil in 1944. You will also visit Red Hill where the British- Indian Army halted the Japanese advance into the Manipur Valley after a fierce battle during World War II, which was the decisive turning point of the war in the India- Burma Theatre. War Veterans constructed the India Peace Memorial, also called the Japanese war memorial which honours the Japanese soldiers who lost their lives fighting the battle for Imphal.

Close by is one of the most enchanting attraction of Manipur – the lovely Lotak Lake, occupying an area of 287 sq kms. It is also called the Floating lake, due to the floating Phumdis (heterogeneous mass of vegetation, soil, and organic matters at various stages of decomposition), which are cultivated. 116 species of birds and 425 specicies of animals have been recorded around the lake. The Keibul Lamjao National Park is a unique park located on the largest floating phumdi in the lake. This is the natural habitat of the endangered Brow-antlered deer ( Cervus eldi eldi), which was once thought to be extinct.

You will drive 26 Kms into the countryside to visit Andro – the living heritage village. This is an example of the age-old cultures and traditions of Manipur. The community still preserve age old community customs and traditions. For example the traditional rituals and norms relating to the process of pot making.
Moreover, the community maintains a pollution free ecosystem. Andro is also home to the Cultural Heritage exhibition.
In this Mini Complex, are exhibited all kinds of things that relate to the material cultures of different ethnic groups of Manipur along with their own styles of traditional houses.

Day 14-17: Nagaland

Nagaland. is a land of picture post card landscapes, lush and verdant flora, peopled by 15 major tribes, who have hundreds of years of tradition as warriors and head hunters. Originally Animists, they have been converted to good Christians.

The Nagas are a fun loving, hospitable and deeply religious people, having a tradition of handicrafts, folklore, dances and music. Here traditional folk songs, eulogizing ancestors, and brave deeds, poetic love songs, gospel songs and modern pop tunes go hand in hand.

For four days you will travel in the Northern parts of Nagaland and explore Angami tribal villages of Khonoma, and Mezoma for gaining insight into Naga lifestyles, agricultural practices, crafts, song and dance. Stay with the local community, and interact with them. Take a tour of Kohima- the capital city.

Explore the fascinating local bazaar, and the handicraft emporium. It is also a chance to visit the Second World War cemetery and the historical tennis court; where the Japanese thrust was halted in a bloody battle during World War 2. Finally drive back to Dimapur to board your departure flight to Kolkata.
Throughout the tour you will be accompanied by a English speaking guide, and travel in your own car. You will experience staying in atmospheric hotels, tribal homes, and a wild life resort- all have been tried and short listed by us for their atmosphere, hospitality and service. You will get varied cuisine both Indian and Local with Western style breakfasts .

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