ST/15 : 03 days Lama Anden trek

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North Sikkim Treks

The giant Lama Angden Peak, 5868 m shadows the lachen village. It can be seen standing right on the top of the village.. This is a short trek with rewarding close up views of Lama Angden.

On the first day a gentle climb from Lachen, 2750 m will get you to Lama Angden Camp, located at 4200 m. This is ideal place to enjoy the pristine nature, with snow clad mountains all around.

The view point located at 4700 m, is reached by a 03 hrs trek from the camp on the second day. Here you are at the base of the Peak. You will see the giant peak standing right in front of you. Return to camp for overnight before descending to Lacken on the third day.

Trek starts and ends at Lachen. We can arrange pick up and drop from Gangtok with two overnights at Lachen. Ideally combine this trek with out Tour S/10 4 days North Sikkim escapade.

  • Max Elevation: 4238 m
  • Grade: Moderate
  • Period: Apr to Nov

The massive Lama Angdang Peak,5868 m shadows the Lachen village. It can be seen standing right on the top of the village.

This short trek takes you to a view point, which offers breathtaking views of Lama Anden and surroundings..


Day 01: Lachen, 2728 m to Lama Anden Camp, 4100 m.

Easy trek along scenic route to camp overnight.

Day 02: Lama Angdang camp to view point, 4238 m, and return.

Three hours trek from the camp is the view point, at the base of the Peak. Trek back to Lama Anden camp.

Day 03: Trek back Lama Anden camp to Lachen.




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